1 GRI (GlobalReportInicitaive):   GRI is a non-governmental organization with multiple interest groups. It was founded by CERES and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in 1997 in the United States of America. The GRI produces a complete  framework for the elaboration of sustainability reports, which is widely used worldwide. The Framework, which includes the Guidelines for the Preparation of Memories, establishes the Principles and Indicators that organizations can use to measure and publicize their economic, environmental and social performance.

2   Benchmarking:   Benchmarking   is an anglicism that comes from the word "benchmark "which in English means the action of taking an object as a model (eg an organization or part of it) in order to compare one's own.   Internal benchmarking:   Identifies the internal development standards of an organization. It stimulates internal communications and joint problem solving.   Competitive benchmarking: includes the identification of products, services and work processes of the direct competitors of your organization. It is useful when seeking to position the organization's products in the market.

3   stakeholders:   English term whose most correct definition would be "interested party". It can be defined as any person or entity that is affected or concerned by the activities or running of an organization; for example,   workers   of that organization, its clients, its  shareholders ,   unions , related civil and government organizations, etc.

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